دپارتمان فنی و مهندسی

دپارتمان فنی و مهندسی

Description of technical office work


One of the characteristics of the economic development of any country is its construction plans, which are considered as a major criterion and indicator in the economic prosperity of that country. Construction projects are vital economic and political factors of governments due to the volume of expenses and social sensitivities; In recent decades, construction activities in Iran have gained a special meaning and sensitivity. On this basis, Anhar Company, as an active group in the field of EPC construction projects, is determined to play a small role in the development of our beloved country.

Every construction plan includes various elements without which the implementation process will be disturbed. One of the most important parts of a project is the technical office unit. In general, the technical office unit located in the headquarters of Anhar Company is the coordinator of the technical units located in the projects and provides all technical and engineering services such as the preparation of meeting minutes and status reports, control of technical documents and executive plans, issuance of licenses to perform executive operations. And... it is done after the approval of the resident monitoring device in the workshop or the project manager in this unit.

In this regard, the technical office unit based in the workshop, after preparing the minutes of the relevant meetings and documenting the executive affairs in various departments including engineering, material and goods arrival, implementation and commissioning, the necessary documents to prepare the status report, prepare various reports and The document archive was transferred to the technical office of the company's headquarters and the company's technical officer as the liaison between the execution and engineering units, project contractual affairs in the form of status reports of adjustment, execution, goods, engineering, stoppages, delays, overtime, etc. He is responsible for receiving the amount of contract work, as well as planning income and expenses, checking the status of sub-contractors and preparing relevant reports.

In general, the duties of the technical office in Anhar company can be divided into several main parts:

1- Technical matters

2- Engineering matters

3- Matters of contracts

4- Price proposal, tenders, price analysis

5- Matters of meeting minutes

6-Preparation of working conditions

8- Affairs of subcontractors

9- Matters related to document management and DCC

10-Administrative matters