Implementation department

Implementation department

Implementation department


Anhar company, as one of the EPC contractors, has placed the quality of work as the top of its work, and in this regard, the responsibility of the executive unit is to build the product desired by the employers with high quality and at the right time.

In general, in contractor companies, all project activities are called executive affairs.

Executive performance in projects is categorized as follows:

1. Construction and civil executive affairs

2. Mechanical

3. Electricity and instrumentation

Based on the receipt of engineering documents and drawings, the executive unit starts planning to carry out relevant activities, in such a way that it checks the drawings of each part and announces its estimate regarding the supply of required materials. At the same time, it provides manpower and machines for that activity, and then performs executive operations based on the schedule. The monitoring device or the representative of the employer performs the necessary control while performing any activity.